One afternoon i was enjoying fantastic fishing and everything was wonderful, until i was interrupted by a trout taking my fly
— Jaime Rios, Patagonia

bounaventure, Canada 2016

Grills on dry in the most beautiful river in the world, Bonaventure, Gaspe Canada.

More pictures from the trip here.

Rio Grande, Argentina 2017

World class trout fishing, guiding and hospitality at Aurelia Lodge, Rio Grande - Argentina.

Traveling letter an pictures here.


As a flyfisherman,

I prefer to strive for a constant foundation of control and technique with a continuous search for perfect presentation. With this approach, the physical effort is reduced significantly, the effectiveness is increased and the experience of being by the river is greatly enhanced.

I am convinced that Salmologic will give you an advantage in your search for the ultimate fishing experience, and I am proud to present myself as an ambassador for Salmologic and to be a part of this unique team. 
I will therefore endeavor to contribute to the venture with my best efforts, engagement and passion, by giving great service and professional advice. More about me

Tight lines
Sindre Mittet, SALMOLOGIC ambassador