The Nordic series is our trout series. All of the rods in this series are completely fitted with saltwater resistant components to avoid any kind of rust.
— Henrik Mortensen

MY (SH) Nordic SW 9.0" 12 G / 185 GRAINS 4 PIECES

The perfect size for fishing dries, small streamers and weighted nymphs in small rivers and creeks. This rod is a total pleasure-creator, as it is more than capable of reaching distant targets and making the perfect presentation, which will trick the difficult trout to grab your fly. Yes, it is the original dreamcatcher, and loaded with a WF Shooter, you will have the right tool for the job.

MY (SH) Nordic SW 9.0" 16 G / 247 GRAINS 4 PIECES

his is the ultimate all-round rod choice for sea trout fishing on the Scandinavian coasts from early spring to late fall. 
If you only want one rod to go coastal sea trout hunting with, then this would definitely be the one we would recommend. It’s easy to get addicted to, and it will enable you to fish more effectively, hook more fish and have more fun.