My true aim is to make you smile every time you grab your Skyborn rod
— Henrik Mortensen, Salmologic


MY (SH) Skyborn 10" 16 g / 246 grains 4 pieces

The rod is extremely powerful and yet so light and easy to handle at the same time. This is our preferred choice for rifling hitch and dry fly fishing for spooky salmon and sea trout, especially on shallow water. The rod will give you superior line control, delicate presentstions and will help you perform "just that" long cast when you really need it. Match this with a WF shooter of 16 grams / 247 grains and you will feel like you`re in heaven.


This is the one size that has been missing for many years – a perfect single hand rod for salmon, sea trout and steelhead. A rod where distance, control and accuracy are extremely easy to achieve.
Whether fishing with huge dry flies or tube flies, this rod gets the job done. And that was exactly what we wanted – to create a cross current rocket launcher. If you need to learn the single hand spey to fish your water, then match this with any of our lines and you will find it easier than ever.


This is the world`s lightest double hand rod because it cast with only 20 grams / 308 grains.
When conditions call for lang and delicate casts using extremely light leaders and flies for summer salmon, sea trout or steelhead, there is no better choice than this 11” 5 pieces rod. This rod is the ”one” fly rod that remains in our heart and mind as perhaps the greatest of all fly fishing rods – especially when covering low water pools or fishing smaller rivers with larger fish.

MY (DH) Skyborn 12,1" 22 G / 340 Grains 5 Pieces

22 grams/340 grains is the perfect weight for fly sizes 6-4 single hooks, 10-6 double hooks, and ¼-inch brass or ½-inch alu tubes. This blank was tested over a two-year period, as I wanted this blank to be the perfect fly fishing rod for small and deep rivers, as well as medium to big rivers in low water conditions. During the test period, this rod made a HUGE difference in catch results, as it is very light and extremely stealthy. Combine this with our Short-cut heads, and I promise you that you will experience the future in high-end fly fishing rods.

My (DH) Skyborn 13" 26 G / 440 Grains 6 Pieces

Over the last many years, I have developed many 13-feet rods for different companies. Many of those are still favorites of the anglers who purchased them. I have frequently been asked to bring “that rod action” back. Therefore, I have decided to bring back the most popular one of those that I have designed and developed. However, this time it is in a 6-piece version, which I have had good experience with since 2004. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a classic as well - a perfect all-round salmon- and sea trout rod that’s ideal for traveling. 

MY (DH) SKYBORN 13,3" 28 G / 432 GRAINS 6 PIECES

”The” legendary fly rod – with a rod action that is designed many years ago and which has been a major succsess for different companies. This was actually the first 6-piece rod ever made for salmon fishing. Now, however, it has been dramatically improved and nothing in this world comes close to this unique action. This rod is the perfect choice for fishing big rivers, and were a light line is a must to trick a huge salmon or sea trout. This light 13,3” is designed so you can cover your pools in medium to large size rivers over and over again, without getting tired whatsoever. This 6-piece rod will continue to be legendary and a ”must have”. To describe this rod best: It`s mind blowing.

My (DH) Skyborn 13,7" 33 G / 509 Grains 6 Pieces

The Skyborn 13’7” is a light and well balanced “canon”, even if its casting weight is relatively light. It is made for casting fly sizes, 1-inch brass, 1¼-inch alu and 1½-inch plastic tubes. And it does this job perfectly! It is a rod that I have created with early fishing in mind – when the rivers are high, but clear, and the bigger fish are entering the river. A rod that is easy to travel with in this 6-piece version.

MY (DH) SKYBORN 14,3" 35 G / 540 GRAINS 5 PIECES

The working horse. This is the most powerful rod in the skyborn series, but it still feels suprisingly light. Any time you need more power to present slightly bigger flies to large salmon, sea trout or steelhead in large size rivers, this is the rod to use. The action in this rod is designed to give you an almost ”sixth sense” feel of the line and a more instinctive understandingo f when to apply just enough power to present the fly in the exact spot you areaiming for. You can fish for days on end without losing necessary focus you need in order to catch fish, even if you are fishing what we would call a ”big rod”.