All the blanks in this series are made of graphene, a carbon composite that is truly revolutionary.
— Henrik Mortensen


My Salarius 9’0” 4-pieces, Line wt. 14 grams/216 grains

This is truly a light saltwater rod and may initially appear to be too light for coastal fly fishing – but don’t let the line weight fool you. This rod gets the job done.

The salarius 9’0” 14 grams/216 grains is a total pleasure-creator, as it is more thancapable of reaching distant targets and making the perfect presentation at the same time.


Nordic SW heads – 14 grams/216 grains

WF Shooter – 14 grams/216 grains

Salmologic reel size no. 1

My Salarius 9’2” 4-pieces, Line wt. 16 grams/247 grains

This is the ultimate all-round rod choice for sea trout fishing on the Scandinavian coasts from early spring to late fall.

If you only want one rod to go coastal sea trout hunting with, then this would definitely be the size. It’s easy to get addicted to, and it will enable you tofish more effectively, hook more fish and have more fun.


Nordic SW heads – 16 grams/247 grains

WF Shooter – 16 grams/247 grains

Short-cut heads – 16 grams/247 grains

Salmologic reel size no. 1 or no. 2