The serenity series is the first series of rods that bears our newly designed signature grip handle. This is “the” handle we believe is the perfect handle for fly casting and fly fishing.
— Henrik Mortensen


MY (SH) Serenity 9.9" 18 G / 278 GRAINS 4 PIECES

The perfect single hand rod and line class for salmon, sea trout and steelhead. When developing this blank, we had the following in mind – distance, line control, accuracy, sensitivity - and believe me when I say, it is all in this blank; a perfect-balance fishing tool!
By far, my favorite fly rod for dry fly fishing for larger salmon.

MY (Switch) Serenity 10.11" 18 G / 278 GRAINS 5 PIECES

If I should ever be in the situation where I could only bring one rod for salmon or sea trout fishing, then this 10’11” 18 grams/278grains would be the “one”. It is a great length for covering any salmon or sea trout river in summer conditions. It has a perfect line weight to present the flies needed under those conditions. 
I have designed and developed many switch rods over the years – in fact, (and some may not know this) it was actually I who invented the switch rod concept and created the switch techniques for salmon and sea trout fishing – but with this new switch rod and the Short-cut heads, it has been perfected!

MY (DH) Serenity 12.0" 24 G / 370 GRAINS 5 PIECES

On this blank, you can truly feel the blend of new materials used on the serenity series – a blend which reduces the weight in the lower part of the blank but maintains the strength in it. There is no water you can’t fish with this rod and it is always traveling with me. This is a very powerful double hand rod that can present smaller tubes and doubles on light lines and long nylon leaders, with outstanding elegance. 
And loaded with a Short-cut sinking head at the same time, it can fish deeper pools with slightly bigger flies very efficiently. Yes, this is indeed a rod size/line weight that can pretty much do it all.

MY (DH) Serenity 13.0" 28 G / 432 grains 6 pieces

The 13’0” 28 grams / 432 grains serenity is equipped with an action that could be described as fast, but the fact is that it really has a deep short stroke length, where all the power comes from the lower parts of the rod. This type of full-action spey rod will handle sinking lines as if they were floaters – a quality we appreciate in a true salmon rod.

We have spent countless hours on this blank due to the fact that 28 grams/432 grains is most likely the best all-round weight for salmon fishing in medium to larger rivers in the summer. At the same time, it is perfect for both steelhead and large sea trout streams as well. This will always be a legendary size. 

My (DH) Serenity 12.10" 31 g / 478 grains 6 pieces

The action of this short and light salmon rod is very fast and extremely powerful, still it does not compromise the gentleness needed to present and fish the fly. It is mind blowing that such a light rod can possess so much power! A word of caution – this rod is highly addictive, so please try it at your own risk. 

MY (DH) Serenity 13.6" 35 G / 540 GRAINS 6 PIECES

35 grams is a line weight that can cast the biggest of salmon flies – and normally this is hard work.  But with this extremely well-balanced, “heavy”-duty 13’6” salmon rod, you can fish for days without losing the necessary focus you need to catch your dream fish. 
If there ever was a light and strong double hand rod, then this is the one.